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Realme UI 5.0 Public Beta Update Is Scheduled To These Three Devies In China



Realme UI 5.0 Open Beta Update December 2023

Realme recently announced that the Realme V50 and V50s are receiving the January 2024 security update in China and Realme 11 5G in India. Along with this, the company has released a list of some devices for receiving the push.

Realme announced the Next Realme UI 5.0 Public Beta schedule. It will be released next week. Realme GT Neo SE, Realme GT Master Discovery Edition, and Realme Q5 pro, this device will get the Realme UI 5.0 Beta version from 15th January to 21st January in China.

Apart from this, Realme has added some released beta version lists, whom has started to roll out for the eligible devices from the October. For this, instructions have also been issued by the company:-

  • For the specific update release time of the above models, please refer to the model-specific update log announcement.
  • For the specific update log of the model, please see the announcement at the time of release.

Here is the list according to the months –

Models updated in December include:

Realme GT2 Master Discovery Edition, Realme GT2 Pro , Realme GT2 , Realme GT Master Edition, Realme GT5 Pro, Realme 11 Pro +, Realme GT, Realme GT Neo2 , Realme GT Master Discovery Edition, Realme V5 0. Realme V5 0s, Realme GT Neo3 & Realme GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition, Realme Q3 Pro 5G Carnival Edition, Realme Q3s 5G, Realme V25 , Realme Q5 , Realme Q5 Carnival Edition, Realme Q5 Pro, Realme GT Neo5 SE , Realme V11, Realme V11s, Realme 10, Realme 10 Pro , Realme 10 Pro +, Realme GT5 / Realme GT5 240W.

Models updated in November include:

Realme GT Master Discovery Edition, Realme GT Neo2 , Realme Q5 Pro , Realme GT Neo5 SE , Realme V13 5G, Realme Q3i 5G, Realme X50 Pro 5G, Realme X50 Pro Player Edition , Realme 11 Realme GT5 / Realme GT5 240W, Realme 11 Pro+, Realme 11Pro.

Models updated in October include:

Realme V3 0 & Realme V3 0S, Realme X50 Pro Gamer Edition , Realme GT Neo3 & Realme GT Neo3 Naruto Limited Edition, Realme Tablet X, Realme GT2 Master Exploration Edition, Realme GT2 Pro , Realme Q3 Pro 5G Carnival Edition, Realme Q3 5G, Realme GT2 , Realme GT, Realme Q5 , Realme GT5 / Realme GT5 240W, Realme V25 5G, Realme X7 Pro Supreme Edition , Realme 10 Pro , Realme Q3s , Realme X50 Pro 5G, Realme GT Master Discovery Edition , Realme V25 5G, Realme GT Neo5 SE.

However, Realme is lagging far behind. Chinese device manufacturers have been releasing beta versions of Android 14 for a long time, and most of them have been completed. Now, the Android 14 stable update has also started. 

Along with this, other companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and OnePlus are much ahead of this. The above list of devices receiving their stable updates is almost finished, and Realme is fully unable to reach the stable version of the devices.

At this time, Realme has started rolling out the Android 14 beta version since October and also started giving Realme UI 5.0 stable version to required devices. We hope that it will soon make everything available to all devices.


Realme Narzo N61 Will Launch In India With Armorshell Protection IP54 Water And Dust Rating



Realme Narzo N61

Realme is set to launch a new Narzo Phone in India next week which includes armorshell protection with IP54 rating. It is being speculated that this Realme Narzo N61 can be seen in the low budget markets. Along with the launch date, the brand has also revealed the design and some features of the Realme Narzo N61. 

Realme Narzo N61 will be launched in India on July 29 and the launch event is scheduled at 12 noon. Realme Narzo N61 may come with a light Blue colour and patterned back panel which give it a glossy effect and is capable of providing a premium look and feel. The edges of the smartphone are flat and it can use a dual-camera setup. 

Realme Narzo N61 will be equipped with armorshell protection which will give a different strength to the device. This upcoming device has also been certified by TUV Rheinland which confirms that the device will be strong and durable. Realme Narzo N61 will also get updates for four years. 

Realme Nazro N61 also has Rainwater Smart Touch feature with IP54 rating so that the phone can be responsive even when the display is wet. Some features of Realme Narzo N61 are similar to Realme C61. It seems that Realme Narzo N61 can be rebranded version of C61 with some differences. 

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These Realme devices have received the July 2024 security update so far



Realme has released an update for some devices, and it is expected to bring major changes, improvements, and highlights. The brand has also resolved any issues during this Android Security update policy and can fix known issues. Through this update, better security and privacy are included in the device. 

This update makes changes in Smart efficiency, network, connection, battery, and camera, which brings compatibility to transferring contacts between devices. This feature makes it easier to access all formats of your device. It also makes improvements related to photos and videos for safe access by apps for security and privacy. 

The update also improves system stability, app launch speed, and animation smoothness to optimize device performance. Additionally, the anamorphic design is upgraded for a more comfortable colour experience. This update makes the system animation even better and smoother. 

It brings secure highlights from the security patch, making it easier for the device to access the internet and other connections. However, this also improves battery performance, and the user will not face any problems. It is also capable of providing long-term backup. On the other hand, the brand has released a list of devices that will receive this update.

  • Realme Narzo 60 5G
  • Realme 9 5G Speed ​​Edition
  • Realme GT Neo 3T
  • Realme 9 5G
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Realme Watch S2 with ChatGPT-powered AI Voice assistant to launch in India later this month



Realme Watch S2

Realme Watch S2 with ChatGPT-powered AI voice assistant and Realme 13 Pro series 5G will launch in India on July 30. Earlier in 2020, the Realme Watch S was launched, and now its successor will come with a ChatGPT-powered AI personal assistant. 

The upcoming Realme Watch S2 may have a circular dial with two buttons on the right side. This Realme Watch S2 may come in the market in golden colour, like the Monet Gold Realme 13 Pro Series.

However, in the previous version, a Pro version with an AMOLED screen and GPS support was launched in the market, but this time, the company has decided to launch only one model. 

The Realme Watch S2 can have a large colour display of 4.4 cm and GPS and dual-satellite capacity. Additionally, the Realme Watch S2 can also feature 90 sports modes.

The Realme Watch S2 can also get 14 days of battery backup and better support for monitoring blood oxygen and heart rate.

The Realme Watch S2 may have IP68 ratings for water and dust resistance. We will get more detailed information about the smartwatch in the coming days. 

Realme brings a new design for their Realme 13 Pro Series and it will use a different colour option as Monet Gold, Monet Purple. Realme also announced a collaboration with Sony cameras in which the device may include Sony LYT-701 and LYT-600 periscope cameras and AI features. 

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